Arterial hypertension treatment during pregnancy

Anti-Aging Centre

Chronic renal failure Tumours and haematological diseases Patients at risk of malnutrition, undernourished or in artificial nutrition for whom medical-nutritional therapy and a healthy lifestyle form an integral part of the secondary prevention of complications arterial hypertension treatment during pregnancy the tertiary prevention of the morbidity and mortality associated with these.

arterial hypertension treatment during pregnancy

The team The anti-ageing centre is made up of a team of professionals, internists, nutritionists, and geriatricians who work synergistically to develop personalised prevention — care — follow up pathways, which may also involve specific professional skills, in the San Rossore Private Healthcare Facility.

The diagnostic, therapeutic path is highly personalised and focusses arterial hypertension treatment during pregnancy the specific needs and arterial hypertension treatment during pregnancy problems of each individual person.

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  • Age 40 to 85 years, inclusive, at screening initiation.
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How the Centre operates The process is divided into an awareness-diagnostic phase with a multidisciplinary approach, directed at the implementation of strategies to maintain health, and a preventive-therapeutic phase with an ultra-personalised program. It is universally accepted that, through personalised pathways and treatments, a patient monitored by a dedicated centre will have a better standard of care. The work of the centre is divided into: arterial hypertension treatment during pregnancy and analysis of the medical history questionnaire, which also helps in choosing the most suitable set of laboratory tests for the individual patient personalised laboratory tests to determine the stage of cellular ageing and detect any deficiencies of substances essential to metabolic balance.

arterial hypertension treatment during pregnancy

Our patients routinely undergo a complete hormonal profile, which provides an indication of inflammation and oxidative stress levels, vitamin dosages, including all the classical biochemistry. The interpretation of the tests is not only based on the norm values, but rather on the optimal values stated in the scientific literature.

This means that we can construct a pre-pathological trend map, which is essential in setting up a long-term preventive program.

arterial hypertension treatment during pregnancy

The data collected is analysed and combined with the results of the laboratory tests. This information is used to compile a personalised report.

Eur J Pediatr ; 8 :Aug. Nevertheless, initial management can be challenging. Serious complications following acute medical therapy occurred in 4 patients of survivors.

This highlights the answers obtained and the areas needing intervention, which is multidisciplinary and integrated. A follow-up program is then set up to monitor the results achieved over time.

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